And Now for Something Completely Different


And so life rolls on. Tomorrow I set out on what I hope evolves into a two-year love affair with the law, wondering where on earth it could take me.  Unsure of taking the law-conversion programme, I decided to take academic route one, undergoing an accelerated version of the standard English LLB. I hope that at its conclusion I will have a clearer idea of my aspirations, particularly in the field of human rights law.

I take into my new studies a treasure trove of memories from my alma mater up in north-east Fife. A simply incomparable place to have spent my university years, it is strange having to reconcile the memories with my undergraduate rebirth down here. Lacking no shortage of reasons for missing Scotland, Wednesday’s one-year countdown to the referendum made me itch all the more to rush back north and register any inch of land in my name, hence securing my place on the register. Alas…

Anything but a prolific writer as of late in these parts, here’s hoping that changes while I pore over the law, thinking of something moderately interesting to muse about. And on a thanklessly more regular basis, starting now.


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